LeaderHealth Hack for Better Focus & Task Completion

Pomodoro Method

Do you find it hard to focus on important tasks for long periods of time? Do you get that impulsive need to jump up and do anything possible to distract yourself? Last year while writing a book proposal, I could not stay focused or keep myself in the chair. As soon as I sat down […]

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: What Value Do You Put On Sleep?


I used to say proudly, “I will sleep when I’m dead”! Anyone relate? I can now profess with absolute clarity and certainty that I LOVE SLEEP, moreover, I LOVE NAPS! I actually like to call my naps, “sleep snacks”. Something about the word snack makes me smile and is even more enticing to my brain. […]

Sleep Is My BFF: Pre-Bedtime Relaxation Routine Tips


I’ve professed my love for sleep in other articles, and if you have read those, you will know that getting to my love of sleep was a journey. I had to completely rewire my old, driven, ambitious brain that was rewarded by a culture that says you are weak if you sleep too much and […]

Using food for mental clarity, performance, and improved mood


I love thinking about food, cooking, and eating. I equally love understanding what role food plays in life. As we know, food is essential to our daily lives and performance, but so often we don’t think about food outside of the most obvious functionality of it. What role does food play in your life? Is […]

Recognizing Burnout Guide

Recognizing Burnout

Burnout can present itself in many ways, sometimes making it difficult to define. Use this guide to help identify signs and symptoms of burnout.

Take Back Control

Take Back Control

Taking back control of our lives when we feel out-of-balance, overwhelmed or stuck can start with a few key steps to get us going. Download the guide for tips.

Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask

Need a great sleep mask? These Manta Sleep masks have taken the sleep mask game to a new level, especially if you have long eyelashes and/or need total black out. I wear this during the day for blacked-out power naps and on airplanes (no more wearing the freebie eye masks from airplanes). More Info

Oura Ring

Oura Ring

Want to get real about your health numbers? Oura is a health technology company focused on improving the way we feel, sleep, and live our lives. They do this with wearable tech in the form of a ring. I love the data I get from my Oura Ring. It gives me just enough data to […]